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Mladý usmívající se právník
Image by Christopher Burns
Image by Lalit Kumar

Other industries

Investing in active companies​.

We do not focus on a single industry. What we look for is an interesting product, or an idea that we feel has true potential. If we can see potential in the company, its people, or its products, then we are interested in helping.

Engineering industry

We invest in engineering companies.

We understand the market, business, and both long-term and strategic management. We help companies develop and improve so that they can be competitive and strengthen their market position.

Textile industry

We invest in the textile industry.

Our investments are more than just a financial plan with expected results. We take a personal approach and base our investments on the people, ideas, or products that we are working with.

Problems are just challenges

Even a well-run company can find itself in a difficult situation. Any number of problems can inhibit growth, and we have the expertise to fearlessly find, diagnose, and solve them. We help companies solve problems within their internal operations so that they can function well again.

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