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About Us

Investing in the Future

V.M. INVEST has grown into a leading investment company.

Since its inception, we have invested in a number of companies that do great things in their fields and work with them. When it comes to investing, nothing like that comes close to us too soon.

The sooner we get on board, the better.

V.M. INVEST  invests in multiple market segments including financial services,

real estate and mechanical engineering.

The reach of V.M. INVEST spans from Europe to North America.

Our philosophy is to search out business opportunities that others have overlooked or rejected on a risk basis and where we see hidden value. We aim to achieve superior investment returns through our values of responsibility, determination and successful execution.

We are a flexible and respectable partner and although we prefer taking a majority stake in companies, we are always prepared to cooperate with a partner who maintains similar business philosophies in the management and development of an investment.

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